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Water & Waste


Water Management

After addressing the current energy crisis it is the opinion of the management of Projects & Industrial Engineering that globally our next crisis will be water shortage. It is this resource that within the next decade will be under the most severe pressure. To this end the Company will focus on the management and maximising collection and storage of “virgin” water supplies and the reuse of existing water resources.

Waste Handing, management Processing, Recycle or Re engineer

All activities of clients eventually lead to waste requiring responsible disposal and management in regard to reuse, recycling or minimisation. On projects such as these Projects & Industrial Engineering would form partnerships with Process and Chemical Engineering consultants to offer Clients viable solutions

Inline with the 2012 to 2040 Programme for Infrastructure Development in Africa (PIDA) plans to add 20 101hm3 to Africa’s current water storage capacity Projects, Industrial Engineering offers clients civil and structural expertise on conveyance and storage systems including dam and reservoir construction and maintenance, river diversion, pipeline and tunnelling systems into storage facilities.

Within the industrial and mining sector in plant and in system re-use of water resources is a major challenge. Projects & Industrial Engineering have an Environmental engineering capability and can offer clients water systems modelling including water separation systems and waste water treatment. This includes the care of watercourses, wells,  boreholes and estuaries in regard to open cast mining and general industrial operations. In alluvial mining systems, Projects & Industrial Engineering can offer storm water control and drainage systems in construction of diversion canals, river diversions and pollution control dams to finally the management of slimes dams, stockpiles and settling ponds.

Within the general treatment of municipal and provincial sanitary infrastructure management, Projects & Industrial Engineering can offer civil and structural expertise in dealing with both sewerage and grey water including construction of attenuation dams, reticulation ponds, and flotation systems including clarifiers and thickeners and ozone reactors. Working closely with client and within DWAF guidelines and legislation, Projects & Industrial Engineering offers the environmental control expertise in planning of discharge systems.

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